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Aluria is presently featuring a work from the heart, developed after decades of thoughtful research and experience called

Latch and Attach Prenatal & Postnatal Breastfeeding & Chestfeeding Online Course. Latch and Attach has now launched offering babies an optimal start to health, and their parents the best chance for getting breastfeeding and chestfeeding off on the right foot. Prenatal and postnatal breastfeeding education means your best chance at success. To serve families around the world with breastfeeding preparation and education, we recognized the need for an online course, and encourage moms, dads, parents and partners to take the classes ideally during pregnancy. Here at Aluria we strive for excellence: The breastfeeding course is among the most comprehensive worldwide. It makes searching for and securing breastfeeding tips, prenatal education, birth tips, and newborn tips, easily accessible. Offering breastfeeding support, and sharing resources for continued support, we recognize support means success. With decades of experience the Breastfeeding Educator and Course Facilitator since the 90’s has helped moms and families. You will find top-notch tried and tested suggestions that will educate you with very well-reviewed and rated lactation suggestions and birth education. We take great pride in the positive feedback we have received during our long history of successful breastfeeding and birth guidance. Specializing in the benefits of breastfeeding while cultivating industry-leading breastfeeding tips, you can always feel confident when learning from the online course we offer.

When it comes to choosing your prenatal education, you want to be sure to choose a complete and comprehensive education that has a long history of successfully assisting moms, and lactating parents to successfully breastfeed. Aluria showcases expert-level breastfeeding facilitation.

You succeeding at your breastfeeding goals is what our mission is. Partnering with us means having the expert information you need presented in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow format that has everything you need.

Covering all the necessary breastfeeding tips and tricks to ensure a good latch and position, avoiding pain, and ensuring well-fed and happy baby and family, you are investing in your baby and your future with this course. Full of resources for how to get ongoing support, you will have what you need to succeed, and because #PreparedIsBest, when you take this course you will understand why being #PreparedAtTheBreastIsBest. You have found what you need.

At Aluria the course’s Breastfeeding Educator offers lessons coming from love, care, effectiveness, reliability, trustworthiness, and expert knowledge making the course the best breastfeeding support you can find online. Our breastfeeding tips and Prenatal breastfeeding services are second to none on the internet and we would be honored to have the opportunity to show you exactly why we are widely considered the best at what we do when it comes to educating yourself for breastfeeding/lactation/chestfeeding journey. If you have any breastfeeding support needs, this course is for you.

As your advocate for successful breastfeeding and chestfeeding, this course will teach you about birth and breastfeeding. You and your baby will experience the benefits of breastfeeding and the bond that develops from it because Latching at the Breast Means Attaching at the Heart. 💗💗💗