Laura with first grandchild, Callan

She has counselled parents since the mid 90’s on lactation, and birth’s impact on lactation. With two decades between her first and last (third) child, her experience has offered a helpful perspective on what works for both; approaches that have stood the test of time and are based in evidence.

For her course Latch and Attach: Prenatal & Postnatal Breastfeeding & Chestfeeding Course, Latching at the Breast Means Attaching at the Heart, Laura’s credentials include: 

  • Being an experienced mother, grandmother
  • Counselling parents on breastfeeding since the mid 90’s. Over three decades of guiding parents on lactation and how birth impacts lactation
  • Having over 17 years of personal experience breastfeeding. Some call her a Lactation Expert—she prefers Lactation Facilitator. 
  • With two decades between her first and last (third) child, her experience has offered a helpful perspective on what works for success
  • Her approaches and the material she references have stood the test of time and are evidence-based.
Read more on Laura’s breastfeeding credentials and check out this course

Aluria is a space created for personal and professional development. For Awakening Sacred Journeys for Healing Body, Mind & Spirit. It is a place of being deliberate, bringing more mindfulness, peace and tranquility into your life as you journey to the heart of your spirituality.

Aluria embodies both Divine Counsel and Light, getting its name from ‘Alura’ and ‘Alora.’ It brings in the Light of Illumination and allows Divine Counsel to guide and inspire you on your sacred journeying whether for health/wellness and healing, for journeying beyond the physical to deepen your relation to Spirit, for increasing awareness, for awakening to Spiritual Enlightenment, for remembering your Sacred Covenant or Contract for this lifetime, or for aligning more fully with your Life’s Purpose.

Aluria offers the opportunity to retreat from your busy life and slip into the Blissful state where you can reconnect to The Divine: Cradled by Source’s loving, protective arms and where with The Divine you can heal and attain or maintain your optimal state of health.

As the Healing Centre vision given to Laura in the early 90’s, Aluria is based in functional medicine, a multidisciplinary, preventative and proactive approach to care. Aluria facilitates one’s ability to self-heal, participants are able to continue their important healing work empowered to work with self-healing tools at their own pace.

Though labels and religious denominations are purposefully avoided at Aluria, some terms are unavoidable. If ones used do not resonate for you, supplant for ones that do. Aluria’s spiritual ideology purposely avoid polarizing as either Creation or Evolution and encourage you instead to be open and find your own Truths as your experiences bring. On the spiritual path, peoples’ religious ideas may shift to encompass expanded realities, and ideas and terms may shift for you through this work. Some do not resonate with such terms as God, and intentionally moving beyond old paradigms, Aluria uses the terms The Divine, or Source to address All That Is: the totality of everything as One, that which is greater than one’s self.

If you are attempting to broaden horizons or see what else is out there but struggle with thinking that Science and Spirituality conflict: the term ‘Source of Life’ or just ‘Source’ mindfully bridges the two. No matter one’s beliefs, there has to have been some source of life or we would not be here, so choosing the term ‘Source’ or ‘Source of Life’ may resonate better. Openness helps participants leap to new levels and experience what is real and available for those who keep an open mind.

Donations are graciously accepted for developing the virtual space of Aluria into a physical space where participants can retreat to an environment that is most conducive of one’s healing. The interconnectedness of being supported in person is so optimal to one’s healing journey: all support to help this physical space manifest is deeply appreciated.



Laura Meikle

Founder, Academic Director Aluria

Avoiding the usual amnesia coming into this lifetime, Laura has retained memories of being in spirit. This has given her a unique perspective helpful for assisting others in their Healing and Sacred Journeys, as well as helping facilitate Spiritual Awakenings and Spiritual Advancings in others.

She had an accelerated Spiritual Awakening that prompted her to share with the world the components that allowed her to achieve the enlightened experience of Source while still a teen, an experience that came after only a short year of meditation.

This Illumination, and experiences that followed, allowed her a deepening of her remembrances of Who We Truly Are beyond the physical and of our Divine Origin. Knowing how deeply enriched her life became after her Spiritual Awakening, it put her on the path of helping facilitate: Spiritual Awakenings and healing in others.

Her many years trained by professional classical ballet dancers gave her a deep knowledge and love for movement and the energetics of dance that translates into celestial movement not limited to the constraints of physical space or time. Lin Chi is her resulting movement meditation, energy movement class whose material is Divinely inspired. It is based on these connections between physical dance, metaphysics of Pure Joy/Dance, and the healing and spiritual ‘leaps’ (pun intended) that the celestial Heart of Dance catalyzes.

In her formative years, since the early 90’s Laura has developed the vision that came to her of a multidisciplinary, healing centre, a retreat from the everyday world to a blissful, serene space conducive to making life shifts. Blending functional medicine and manual modalities for the body, mind, and life altering Spiritual Awakenings for the spirit: All aspects needed for Healing are supported.

In the early 2000’s she was trained as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in British Columbia, Canada, where training is among the highest standards for this profession worldwide. Earning 98% on her oral practical board exam, she has worked as an RMT in Health Care since 2003 with

undergrad work in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. With the equivalent of 8 years post secondary, and informal training in her formative years immersed in Health and Healing through the family business while she began meditation and deepening her remembrances, opening to being a conduit and in service to The Divine, Laura has spent her lifetime compiling the programs she will offer through Aluria. Her personal experiences with Spontaneous Healings and transcending pain have given her unique insights in helping facilitate others to do the same.

Post grad has offered her many varied experiences in different manual and healing modalities, as well as in research as a therapist for a pilot study, and working with patients on persistent pain management.

Being Métis, of Indigenous origins, resonates on a soul level as her Illuminations have brought knowledge of how we are All One, the interconnectedness of it all—as Indigenous have known for a very long time.

Laura’s Remembrances and dedication to being of service to The Divine assisting others on their Healing Journeys and Spiritual Awakenings has prompted the creation of Aluria: a Blissful space created as a remembrance of the Pure Love state of reuniting with The Divine.

Laura also offers massage therapy and healing at her other website. Take a look for more from Laura!


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