Latch and Attach Prenatal & Postnatal Breastfeeding & Chestfeeding Online Course

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Latch and Attach, Where Latching at the Breast Means Attaching at the Heart 💕

To preview excerpts from the course, go to the YouTube Channel linked here: ‘Latch and Attach: Post & Prenatal Breastfeeding & Birth

Expecting a baby and want breastfeeding to go smoothly?

Had your baby and want lactation tips so you can breastfeed as long as you’d like?

It’s common to have worries, wondering if you will have enough milk, to fear breastfeeding could hurt.

If you have concerns, you are not alone, and you have come to the right place!

This most comprehensive online course is your answer! It is self-paced so you choose when to attend class, all modules are uploaded and ready when you are! Laid out in 3 easy-to-follow video classes, ideally taken in early pregnancy, you can take another refresher near birth to be fully prepared because #PreparedIsBest

Why is this course important?

Perhaps you are an Educator, for birth or lactation and are looking for an online course to direct students to! Look no further!

Following this course, lactators will feed baby with confidence, ease, and pain-free. The course’s time-tested and evidence-based concepts cover how birth influences the start of breastfeeding, all the way to pro tips that will set breastfeeders up for success! Being prepared, and learning what ongoing resources are available to you means success is yours!


  • Best Evidence-based, Self-Paced, Prenatal & Postnatal Breastfeeding Online Course
  • Prepare Ahead and Prevent Pain
  • Learn how birth affects breastfeeding, and how to reduce birth interventions for a smooth start to lactation
  • Learn tips to improve the breastfeeding experience
  • Learn key components like latch and position so lactation is pain free
  • Learn how to identify issues early so you can address them and they don’t progress
  • Learn what resources are available to you, and when you should reach out for additional help
  • As an inclusive course, the material is also for chestfeeders, for all who wish to feed human milk from their bodies. No matter your orientation or pronoun, this course respects all and celebrates diversity

Parents often prepare their whole pregnancies for birth that lasts about a day, this course is about preparing for breastfeeding that lasts for many months thereafter. While Preparing for Birth is Smart, Preparing for Breastfeeding is Brilliant!

When parents begin their lactation education in early pregnancy, they often find success easier. Why? They have their whole pregnancy to thoroughly assimilate their new knowledge!

If you can only do one thing to prepare yourself ahead, or to learn how to breastfeed after baby arrives, taking this course is that one thing.

Why? What makes it unique?

Course instructor Laura Meikle has counselled parents on breastfeeding starting in the mid 90’s. With a pre-med education, and working as a Health Care Practitioner since 2003, she is a retired La Leche League Canada Leader who has helped people just like you learn how to successfully breastfeed. As an experienced grandmother, and mother of 3, she has many years breastfeeding experience since 1994 and knows what stands the test of time. Laura has a science-based approach mixed with practical experience. She shares gems on how to approach birth empowered, and combines her extensive education in human anatomy and physiology, as well as knowledge of body/mind connections to offer you a more encompassing education. Some call her a Lactation Expert—she prefers Lactation Facilitator, or Birth and Breastfeeding Educator. She brings you evidence-based material, and enriching resources to teach you the essentials! Unique to this course is the concise birth planning portion which will propel you toward breastfeeding success—that’s right, birth has an impact on breastfeeding!

The course draws extensively from leading world experts and their organizations who have given special permission for their over 60 years of proven methods to be used here, as well as pro educators and best selling authors allowing you access to their expertise through excerpts from their publications, making this course unparalleled in other education classes! The course’s manual, the Parent Course Companion, is stock-full with 22 appendices, reminder charts, graphs, where to go to read more on every topic you can think of, and includes whole articles class does not have time for. This resource gives you the ongoing support that makes all the difference in your success!

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need in time for when you need it, prevent pain and prevent baby cries!—that’s correct, studies have shown babies whose parents have prepared ahead, cry less.

Why is this?: A parent can then recognize sooner and respond prompter to what baby’s needs are, so investing in prenatal education impacts baby’s amount of crying.

  • This comprehensive, science-based course helps you avoid and overcome the challenges that often lead to early weaning.
  • It covers everything you likely need to know, and brings you even further!
  • See breastfeeding as the superpower it is!
  • See how breastfeeding makes parenting so much easier, how it incredibly kills pain for baby!
  • See how it amazingly makes on-site immunity to fight germs baby is fighting!
  • See how it can positively influence baby and lactator’s mental health states!
  • See so many more ways breastfeeding/chestfeeding is a superpower!

If you were on a deserted island and had only one resource you could call on: this course is that one resource!

With nearly 5 hours of video content, plus the course companion publication, you get content well worth triple the cost! We kept the cost low to make this vital information affordable for all.

Set out in a smart format that flows from birth through breastfeeding essentials, following this course you will have loads of confidence to meet any challenge breastfeeding could present!

Compiling the works of leading world experts, encompassing concepts based on over 60 years of methods that have proven successful, the three classes cover how birth influences breastfeeding (great for postnatal parents as well to learn ahead of next baby), how breastfeeding works, and how breastfeeding influences parenting. It brings you through the highlights of nourishing as well as nurturing that breastfeeding and chestfeeding offer, and is chalk full of excellent further resources making it an unparalleled course.

Take a look at the course contents:

Course Contents

Class 1


Module 2: BIRTH CHOICES AFFECT BREAST AND CHESTFEEDING INITIATION: Birth Plan, Birth and the First Few Hours of Feeding

Module 3: WHAT SUPPORTS BREAST/CHESTFEEDING SUCCESS & WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE FIRST WEEKS: How Human Milk is Made, Getting Technical with Latching and Positioning, How to do Hand Expression, Breast Compressions.

Class 2

Module 3 continued: Baby’s Stomach Size, How Often to Feed Baby, Establishing Your Supply, First Feedings, How Can I Tell If Baby is Getting Enough Milk, Diaper Count, Signs Baby Might Not be Getting Enough and What To Do, How Will I Know When Baby is Hungry If I Don’t Use a Schedule? Early Feeding Cues, How Do I Know When Baby is Done? What to Expect in the First Weeks, In Summary—Tips for Successful Breast/Chestfeeding, Supplementation Guidelines, Storing Human Milk, What is Necessary Breastfeeding Paraphernalia?

Class 3

Module 3 continued: Babywearing, Fussiness and Crying, Sleep

Module 4: AVOIDING AND OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: With Breast/Chestfeeding, With Past Sexual Abuse, With Directing and Guiding Support Persons, With Advice/Pressures/Criticism From Others, With Breast/Chestfeeding in Public, With Local/Cultural/Generational Concerns, With Anxiety/Stress/Postpartum Depression, With Weaning

Module 5: RESOURCES: Local Support, Seeing is Learning, Attend La Leche League (LLL) Meetups and Ask LLL Leaders Answers to Your Unanswered Questions

Overcome the challenges that often lead to early weaning

Because Preparing Ahead Increases Success Rates, take this course today

Latch and Attach Online Course

SPECIAL! $79 CAD for unlimited access to enable you to take this course in early pregnancy, retake it as birth draws near, and take a refresher after baby arrives to increase your success!

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Parent Course Companion for Latch and Attach

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To preview excerpts from the course, go to the YouTube Channel linked here:

Latch and Attach: Post & Prenatal Breastfeeding & Birth

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