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What you will be getting sprinkled throughout the three classes:

  • Learn how birth influences breastfeeding, to how breastfeeding works, to how breastfeeding influences parenting
  • Where to go for continued breastfeeding help
  • Science-based material drawn from: La Leche League, the unparalleled Breastfeeding Resource go-to that has been the words of breastfeeding wisdom since the 1950’s #LaLecheLeague
  • How lactators offer the unique ability to influence the psychological makeup of those inheriting the world—raising an empathetic generation is a way to create a generation with improved relational skills. This is easier done from the start in how we raise kids than later down the way when our society faces trying to rehab adults who may lack empathy, and may have ended up on the wrong path. You have a hand in shaping the future of the world and help positively impact society all by how you choose to feed your baby and parent—a pretty impressive capability you have available to you as you navigate decisions as a new parent.
  • How weoften prepare our whole pregnancies for birth that lasts about a day, this course is about preparing for breastfeeding that lasts for many months thereafter. Preparing for birth is smart, preparing for breastfeeding is brilliant, and this course is that preparation.
  • Intro to Loving Guidance parenting method that often develops naturally as we breast/chestfeed.
  • Learn how attachment, through breastfeeding, helps our young form empathy

Background on the course:

Latch and Attach was created to promote the physical, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing of babies, lactators, and their families.

Evidence reported in a systemic review has confirmed that peer counseling, lactation consultation and formal breastfeeding education during pregnancy have been found to increase duration [of breastfeeding]. So know by taking this course, you are much more likely to succeed with lactation.  [Lumbiganon P. Martis R, Laopaiboon M, Festin MR, HoJJ, Hakimi M. Antenatal breastfeeding education for increasing breastfeeding duration. Cochran Databse Ssyt Rev. 2012; 12(9):CD006425. [PubMed]

Initiation rates, and duration rates of breastfeeding and chestfeeding increase when parents prepare ahead of time for lactation: this comprehensive course gives you that preparation.

Parents seeking early breastfeeding education offer babies much benefit as there is nothing like being prepared ahead of time for when we will need the knowledge. This course is like a prenatal gift you are giving yourself and your baby because being educated ahead of need makes sense: in the moment of struggling with breastfeeding, baby crying, birthing parent crying, things not going well, that can be a harder time to start the education process. That’s when, if you have your support system already in place, you know who to reach out to and can get help sooner.

This course is to help expecting parents get off on the right foot–or breast if you wish–to find one’s way more smoothly on the lactation journey. With birth having such a significant impression on breastfeeding, there is a deep need for those expecting to not only plan for their birth, but plan it to include a positive initiation of breastfeeding: planning for the one day of birth is smart, planning for the months of lactation thereafter is brilliant!

To prepare for lactation is one of the most important initial acts we can do for our children, and planning for a gentle birth is the most judicious way we can set successful lactation in motion.

The Parent Course Companion for Latch and Attach e-textbook covers:

Most common breastfeeding topics, quick tips, references to many world experts on lactation, birth, infant sleep, crying, parenting, Loving Guidance parenting, La Leche League material. Reminders from class, and full articles where class shared a condensed version. 22 appendices, birth plans, book reading lists, reminder charts, graphs, latch and position reference images, babywearing info, from birth to parenting tips: everything that would not fit in the class!