Working With The Diamond Metaphor


Inner Work with your Inner Diamond

Working with the Diamond image for clearer communication, clearing up misunderstandings, a technique for shifting one’s state and overcoming anxiety, panic, depression and the reactivity that colours and misguides our interpretation of what others say. An effective process for dealing with life’s difficult moments and transcend triggers.

At everyone’s core is a stunningly beautiful, brilliant Diamond…working with this metaphor means transcending being reactive, having anxiety and panic, depression with grace. It allows us to overcome ways we are that can cause strain and discomfort in our lives. It offers a magical solution to anxiety and panic attacks, and for overcoming being triggered into reactivity. As we evolve as spiritual beings, working with our reactivity becomes important to work. The Diamond Metaphor is a way out of being triggered, transcending the quagmire of being reactive. Reactivity colours our perception of what others mean and what they are saying. When we respond from a place of reactivity, we get caught up in feeling hurt and retaliating with hurt. Our growth is slowed, and our lives are less happy, we limit our potential. We can be freed from the holding patterns of reactivity, anxiety, and panic when we utilize this metaphor.